Every year, 11.5 billion dollars of recyclable products are thrown into landfills. 70% of the recoverable material is plastic and is worth over 8 billion dollars.

A forward-thinking group of retail experts recognized that these plastics were a potential revenue stream that was being ignored.

Using innovative technology, Pioneer Products began recovering plastic waste from retail supply chains and creating new consumer products with the reclaimed material.

Pioneer was one of the first to successfully turn waste into new products for retail partners and has increased reclamation every year. Last year, Pioneer converted over 500,000 pounds of plastic into new consumer goods which are sold in retail stores across the United States.

Building on a decade of resounding success within our retail channels and fostered by the amazing retail connectivity offered by our location in Northwest Arkansas, Pioneer expanded into a sales services and marketing agency for other brands looking to solidify their presence on the shelves of retailers and in the minds of consumers.